Tips When Buying a Used Motorcycle

Purchasing a used motorcycle might be intimidating, especially if it’s your first time. Knowing what to check for not only ensures that the motorbike is in fair, honest condition, but it also allows you to negotiate the price down for items that you can repair yourself or aren’t too concerned about. Below is our buying a used motorcycle checklist that will ensure you receive the best bargain possible.

Know the motorcycle

Before you go looking for a second-hand bike, one of the most crucial things to do is learn everything you can about the model. You’ll quickly notice anything out of place if you have a good understanding of what parts should come standard and how they should look. Allow yourself the opportunity to inspect the mechanicals of a few motorcycles and reach a decision without allowing your emotions to rule your judgment.

tips when buying a used motorbike

Check the Ministry of Transport(MoTs)

You may check a vehicle’s Ministry of Transport history online at, which also includes a mileage check. The fuel system could be clogged if the bike hasn’t been used in a long time, but take note of what you would expect the mileage to be on the clocks before you go meet the seller.

Always check the paperwork

Check that the frame number (VIN) matches the V5’s, as well as the engine number. Also, double-check that the address on the V5 corresponds to the address where you’re looking at the bike. Walk away if there’s no paperwork (Off-road bikes, on the other hand, do not have any V5s unless they’ve willingly registered with the DVLA). Make sure the service book fits the bike and that the stamps are authentic when it comes to service records.

Give yourself time to make decision

Don’t be rushed by a seller (and that includes a dealer). Spend at least an hour — partly because you want to double-check everything, but also because you can wind up forming a bond with the vendor. Don’t make a hasty judgment if the seller says another client is on the way. If you’re unsure, move away and forget about the bike. There will be another one in the future.

Be safe before paying for the motorbike

A test ride is an important aspect of the buying process, but don’t ask the seller until you’ve examined everything else. They’ll trust you a lot more by this stage, and they’ll realize you’re serious, but they’ll still want the money before handing you the key. You must also ensure that you are authorized to ride other motorbikes with the owner’s consent.