Slots Angels

This is not a game for the soft hearted but the tough, gang riding player. If you love bikes, leather jackets, rugged clothes, and some heavy rock music, then this is the game to thrill you. This 3D game is a five-reel spinner game and offers a 30 payline chance as you feel the dirt road with other riders. Slots Angels from Betsoft is authentic and gives the player a rebellious feel just as if they are with his gang, breaking all the rules.

The Slot Angels Theme

Just like Hells Angels, this game satisfies the feeling of driving your bike across the country. By having your gang with you, your attitude is magnified which compliments a super ego. You will need to have the right gang attitude and super skills for you to fit in with the crew.

Game Setting

The game slots are created to feel as real as possible. You are always accompanied by your leader who will cheer you on as you play. When a player achieves the right combination, all the symbols resurrect and come to life. The game has real biker characteristics on the reels like bottles, lighters, and a chic.

Slots Angels Special Features

Just like many games, this one comes with bonuses and special features. Every time a player achieves a win, he is given a free spin. What makes it even more thrilling is the fact that every re-spin comes in multiples. That means that the free spins come in increasing multiples, from one to the last five-time multiplier. So this gives the player an additional chance to win on every level.

Bonus Spins

The game offers its players some bonus spins whenever they achieve consecutive three bottles or more on a spin. The other gang members will join you, cheering as you continue to win. If you also achieve three or more biker group labels, you are also entitled to a lucrative bonus spin. You will then be given an option of choosing one team which will compete with the other groups. If you overtake all the groups and finish ahead of the pack, you will emerge the winner and leave with the top prize.

Many people confuse this game with Hells Angels, but they are completely different. The Slots Angels game is menacing and very compelling. With a bike-rider theme, it is bound to entertain and thrill.