How to get a bike license in the UK

Once you have completed your compulsory basic training and are 19 years old, you can apply for your A2 license (CBT). Progressive access is available to those who are 21 years old and have held an A2 license for two years, or those who are 24 years old and hold a category A license. After you’ve passed your bike tests, you might choose to take an enhanced rider exam to obtain additional riding abilities and lower the cost of your motorcycle insurance.

Applying for a provisional motorcycle license

There is just one type of provisional license that you can apply for when you are 15 years and nine months old, whether you want to drive a car or a motorcycle. To get your license, you must be able to read a car number plate from a distance of 20 meters. You’ll need an identifying document, example a passport, your previous 3-year address, and your National Insurance number to apply.

How to get a bike license in the UK

Complete a certificate of basic training (CBT)

To lawfully ride on the road, the majority of riders will be required to complete Compulsory Basic Training (CBT). It’s not termed a test, and you don’t ‘pass’ or ‘fail’; instead, if the instructor believes you’re safe to ride on the road, you’ll be given a certificate. The training will also entail learning about traffic signs, inspecting the motorcycle itself, selecting appropriate clothing, and performing emergency stops.

Pass your theory motorcycle test

As long as they hold their provisional license, anyone above the age of 16 can book and take the theoretical exam. To take it, you do not need to have finished your CBT. The test is divided into two sections: a 50-question multiple-choice section and a 75-question hazard perception section that must be completed in one sitting.

To pass, you must achieve 43 right in the first section and 45 right in the hazard perception section. It’s critical to know the Highway Code, so study and reread it, and make sure you’re familiar with traffic signs and riding techniques. It’s also a good idea to practice the hazard perception test, which you may complete online or with DVDs.

Taking your practical motorbike test

The practical motorcycle test is divided into two sections. The off-road phase lasts around 20 minutes and includes maneuvering your bike on its stand, parking, and making U-turns around cones. The on-road phase takes a little longer, about 40 minutes, and examines your skills while riding in traffic with an examiner. When you pass the on-road inspection, You will be able to submit an application for your license.